How To Write Dialogue That Sparkles

The surefire way to improve any novel or screenplay…

Dialogue must never be dull, or else your novel or screenplay will fail.

Is your dialogue holding you back?

As you know, every bestselling novel or blockbuster screenplay has a great story. The other most important aspect is dazzling dialogue. 

Let editor, author, publisher and critic, Jim Driver show you how writing great dialogue can be fun and simple.

Among the topics covered in this concise 26,000 word book:

  • Why dialogue is so important
  • What dialogue is, and what it shouldn’t be
  • Four tricks to let your reader know who’s speaking…
  • The correct ways to format dialogue (and some interesting ideas you might not have heard of)
  • 8 tricks to make your dialogue instantly more appealing
  • How to tell a story through what people say to each other
  • How to make each and every character sound individual and interesting
  • Ten tips that will improve any dialogue

Don’t struggle with dialogue any longer. You’ll find all the answers you need in this entertaining and concise book. Illustrated with examples from hit screenplays and novels, ranging from Graham Greene, F. Scott Fitzgerald and P.G. Wodehouse via pulp fiction classics, to modern icons such as Breaking Bad, J.K. Rowling, and James Patterson.


Reviews of Previous Editions:

“This is a great how-to on dialogue. This author clearly knows his stuff. I’m writing a book for Kindle as a first-time author and this book was very helpful.” JJ,

“I learnt loads from this book. I’m glad that many points and improvements were what I’d been doing already, but there’s never any harm in learning more. Definitely recommending this to others!” Amazon Customer,

What are you waiting for? Make the move to drastically improve your dialogue writing skills today.