Mark Dawson’s Advertising for Authors

Mark Dawson's Advertising for Authors

I’ll admit that Mark Dawson’s Advertising for Authors isn’t cheap. But if you want to know how to advertise and sell your books like a pro (and probably better than every mainstream publishing house!), it’s a pretty essential purchase. If you’re anything like me, it will pay for itself in no time.

I’ll be honest: I joined Ads for Authors a couple of years ago primarily to try and solve the mystery of advertising on FaceBook. Mark managed to explain it to me (where others had failed) in a series of hands-on videos. I used what I learned and it has proved very useful.

Since I first joined, the course has been expanded from just being about FaceBook and now covers Bookbub, Amazon and contains videos on strategies, ad copy and design. In fact, I’ve just seen that Mark has redone many of the videos to keep it current.

There’s a new version of Amazon Ads for Authors by Janet Margot, until recently a senior figure working at Amazon on author ads. I’ve not had a chance to watch those yet but I’ve got it pencilled in for this weekend. My social life isn’t great at the moment!

I genuinely think Ads for Authors is one of my better purchases and it really has paid for itself in terms of sales and time-saved several times over.

Advertising for Authors is the premier social media advertising course specifically crafted for writers. This advanced course brings you hours of tuition as you learn everything you need to know to create and serve powerful ads on the main social media networks to find new readers and sell your books. If you already have the basics but want to turbocharge your writing career and results, then this is the course for you. (Suitable for intermediate to advanced levels, fiction and non-fiction.)

If you do decide to enrol using my link, Mark will give me a commission (at no cost to yourself, I would stress), so it’s only fair I give you something in return.

Just email me proof of your purchase and I’ll send you a link to my forthcoming course on plotting and outlining you’ll be able to access without any cost. What I’ll be charging for my course hasn’t been finally decided yet, but it’ll be around $100, possibly a lot more.