How To Write Dialogue That Sparkles


The Easiest way to improve any work of fiction is to “tune up” the dialogue

Dialogue is the life-blood of every novel and screenplay. Get it right and you’ll be a hero, get it wrong and your readers will abandon you. Those are the hard, brutal facts.

Happily, it’s not as difficult to write dazzling dialogue as some people say it is. It’s simple a matter of knowing the rules, and learning a handful of tips from someone who knows the answers.

In this short and to-the-point eBook, writing coach and former publisher and editor Jim Driver shows you the step by step methods of writing dialogue that will dazzle readers and editors alike.

Among the many questions answered in How To Write Dialogue That Sparkles are:

  • Why is dialogue so important?
  • What is dialogue?
  • What are the methods of showing which character is speaking?
  • What are the right ways to format dialogue?
  • How do I make my dialogue interesting?
  • How can I edit dialogue to make it sparkle?
  • How can dialogue help me tell my story?
  • How do I make all my characters sound different?
  • How do I create tension and conflict within my dialogue?
  • Can you show me ten tips to improve my dialogue? (Yes!)

The book contains a mass of information as well as dozens of example of good (and bad) dialogue taken from many well-known novels and movies.

How To Write Dialogue That Sparkles (The Key to Writing Better Novels & Screenplays) is the ultimate book that will teach you how to write dazzling dialogue.




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