The Twenty Worst Fiction Writing Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Novel Writing Career

top_20_writing mistakes_400x250Jim Driver has been a professional writer, editor and publisher for the best part of forty years. His latest 20,000 word ebook takes twenty of the most common mistakes writers make, and explains how to stop them from destroying your novel writing career.

If you want to make money writing commercial fiction, this book is for you. Maybe you’re just starting out, or perhaps you’ve been at it a while. Either way, I’m sure you’ll find something useful.

Thanks to Amazon’s Kindle and other online services, fiction sales are sky-rocketing, and everybody now has the potential to become a successful author.

Unfortunately, many writers fail to reach their full potential simply because they make rudimentary mistakes, basic errors that could easily be avoided. This book will help you bypass the common pitfalls.

I’ve got to honest, at some time or other, I’ve made all the mistakes it’s possible to make. I’ve been a professional writer, off and on, for forty years, and I’ve mostly learned by trial and error. I genuinely wish I’d had this book to guide me when I first started out.

I spent twelve years as a publisher and editor. This allowed me to see the mistakes other authors were making. I was amazed to find it was the same fifteen or twenty errors repeated over and over again.

Whether you’re planning to submit your finished novel to an agent, a traditional publishing house, or are self-publishing, the fundamentals are exactly the same. Your novel has got be just as good as you can possibly make it. Whether you like it or not, it’ll be competing with work by the best in the business, including Stephen King, James Patterson, Nora Roberts, and thousands more.

Now that anyone with a laptop can self-publish, more books containing elementary blunders are reaching the reader than ever before. Don’t kid yourself, readers do notice when things go wrong. This can be enough to turn them off a particular author for life. I’m guessing you don’t want it to be you.

Most authors who self-publish would find it almost impossible to get their work accepted by ‘proper’ publishers, simply because they make way too many errors. I’m not talking about minor glitches that can easily be edited out, but fundamental mistakes that go to the heart of their novels.

That’s why I wrote this book: to highlight those fundamental errors and tell you how you can easily avoid them. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed researching and writing it for you.